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By age 13, over 70% of kids have dropped out of sports; the vast majority stating that “it’s no longer fun.” Physical activity, in general, has proof-positive impacts on our children’s health, attitude, academics, cognitive skills and so much more. The reality is that most of our kids are not getting this crucial 60 minutes of physical activity that they need each day.


We created TopYa!™ to motivate and inspire kids of all ages to new levels of skill, creativity and simply … for fun. Beginning with soccer and martial arts, we set our sights to a virtually limitless horizon, where any sport, player, parent and coach fits seamlessly into the TopYa!™ platform. From lacrosse to cricket, to basketball, to volleyball to sports and activities to be dreamed up, TopYa! is the app to help children, parents and coaches have fun developing healthy life-long passions in any sport or physical activity, and to just play…

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